About First Gear Project


FirstGearProject.com is a resource for people in all divisions of motorsports to promote & market themselves nationwide in an effort to generate sponsorship dollars to achieve their racing dreams or enhance their racing endeavors.


Racers across the nation all struggle with the same problem - how to fund their racing efforts. There is no platform currently available for racers to market and promote themselves on a national scale and be successful in generating financial support for their racing efforts.


At FirstGearProject.com users are able to create their own profile where their story can be told and their objectives can be defined with one common goal: to gain sponsorship support from race fans, friends, and family. By offering multiple support levels, backers are able to choose how much financial contribution they wish to make. This sponsorship tool allows each users' profile page to be promoted through social media, grass roots efforts, email blasts, etc. By setting a particular goal which must be met in order to receive the donated funds, the user is encouraged to be creative in his or her self-promotion tactics while also keeping backers updated on the progress of the project.

Contributions made to projects are collected and paid through Stripe upon completion of a project. For projects that raise 60% or more of their goal, we collect a 7% fee. We only take a 5% fee for projects that hit 100%+ of their goal. If a project fails to reach 60% of its goal in donations, no funds are collected or disbursed.